PQC Spring School 2024


HF Tuela Porto

R. Arquitecto Marques da Silva 200, 4150-483 Porto, Portugal

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March 11-15, 2024
(March 11 only for QSI fellows)


Recently, the development of fault-tolerant quantum computers has accelerated, driven by heavy public and private investment. Preparing cryptography for the arrival of quantum computers thus has become an important frontier of computer science. Post-quantum cryptography (PQC) aims to redesign cryptographic algorithms in a way such that they can be used on today’s computers and withstand potential future quantum attacks.

This 5-day-long scientific school introduces students to the topic of post-quantum cryptography. International experts in the area of post-quantum cryptography cover the different, most relevant aspects of the topic going over all areas of post-quantum cryptography. In addition, the school gives a quick crash course on cryptographic basics to also enable students from outside cryptography to follow the school. The lectures should be accessible to any person with knowledge equivalent to having a bachelor in mathematics, computer science, physics, or the IT side of electrical engineering.

Please note that the school starts on Monday with an academic skills training on academic writing and presentation skills that is only open to QSI fellows. The second part, starting Tuesday morning, is the school on on post-quantum cryptography that is open for registration by anyone interested.

This school is organized as part of the Quantum-Safe Internet doctoral network (DN), Project 101072637, a Marie Skłodowska Curie action (HORIZON-MSCA-2021-DN-01) but the school is open to participants outside the QSI network.

Confirmed speakers

(in reverse alphabetical order)

Wessel van Woerden, Institut de Mathématiques de Bordeaux

Bas Westerbaan, Cloudflare

Monika Trimoska, Eindhoven University of Technology

André Schrottenloher, Inria Rennes

Christian Schaffner, University of Amsterdam, QuSoft

Lorenz Panny, Technical University of Munich

Alexander May, Ruhr-University Bochum

Andreas Hülsing, Eindhoven University of Technology

Kathrin Hövelmanns, Eindhoven University of Technology


google map: Restaurante Escondidinho


Crypto 101 – Kathrin Hövelmanns [pdf], [video]
QROM – Christian Schaffner [pptx], [video]
Symmetric crypto – André Schrottenloher [pdf], [video]
MPCitH – Andreas Hülsing [pdf] [pptx], [video]
Code-based crypto – Alexander May [pdf], [video, part2]
Hash-based signatures – Andreas Hülsing [pdf] [pptx], [video]
Lattice-based crypto – Wessel van Woerden [pdf], [video, part2]
MQ-crypto – Monika Trimoska [pdf], [video]
Isognies – Lorenz Panny [pdf], [video]
Post-quantum implementations – Bas Westerbaan [pdf]

Playlist of Lecture Recordings

Walking tour

The walking tour starts Thursday (March 14) afternoon, 14h30, at Praça Gomes Teixeira. You can either walk there (~30min from the venue), or take bus 200, 201, 203, 207, 501, or 507 at Rua do Campo Alegre. Drop off at the Cordoalia stop (4 stops) and walk the remaining few meters.


The school will take place in HF Tuela Porto, Portugal. HF Tuela is nicely situated in the Boavista area, one of Porto’s bigger commercial and shopping districts that also hosts several sights like the Palácio de Cristal gardens and the Casa da Música concert hall.


The airport closest to the venue is Porto (OPO). There are many international airlines flying to OPO, including low-cost airlines.

There’s a metro running between the airport and Casa da Música (which is a 10 minutes walk from the hotel). The metro ride takes about 20 minutes. Note that the frequency of trains going varies depending on the time of day. However, if you have an early flight, an Uber takes about 20min and costs around 20€.


Registration is now open via Eventbrite to the public: link.


Please note that we had to limit the academic skills training to QSI fellows due to space constraints. Also, the registration fee only includes participation, coffee breaks, and participating in the school dinner on Thursday. Participants have to take care of accommodation, breakfast, lunch, and dinner themselves.


Note that accommodation is not included in the registration. However, the venue is a nice hotel with affordable rates. Alternatively, one can find cheap accommodation on Airb’n’b in walking distance as well as further hotels in every price range in your favorite booking tool. For lunch and dinner the area has a manifold of different restaurants and a really nice food court no 5 minutes walking.


Kathrin Hövelmanns, Eindhoven University of Technology
Andreas Hülsing, Eindhoven University of Technology
Alexander May, Ruhr-University Bochum